Vourvourou Short Film

Vourvourou | Short Film

In 2016, filmmaker and director Karina Logothetis won 1st place in a competition by the Hellenic Film Academy and secured funding for her first film, Vourvourou.

Shortly after the shooting began, we started working closely with the movie’s composer, Vasilis Zlatanos, to build the arrangements for his compositions.

The film’s story is told by six-year-old Markos , who visits his grandfather in isolated Vourvourou. During his stay he faces life’s most important stages and interprets them in his own, child-like way.

Although the soundtrack is not yet fully available, you can listen to the song from the final scene, the festive ceremony in Markos’ mind. In this song we lend our voices along with Eliza Gerontakis and I had the pleasure to record guitar and baglamas.

Vourvourou has went on to be screened in a multitude of festivals across the globe, receiving numerous awards and nominations, including:

  • Short Film Festival of Drama
    • Best Original Score
    • Best Costume Design
  • Thess International Short Film Festival
    • Cinematic Achievement Award
  • Athens International Film Festival
  • Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People
    • Best Short Fiction Film
  • Aswan International Women Film Festival
  • Iris awards of the Hellenic Film Academy
    • Best Short Film nomination
  • Los Angeles Greek Film Festival
  • Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
  • Aegean Film Festival in Patmos
  • 7th Syros International Film Festival
  • DC Shorts Film Festival
  • Buenos Aires Film Festival
  • San Francisco Greek Film Festival
    • Audience award for Best short film
    • Astron Award for Best short film 
  • Winter Apricots – Prilep International Film Festival
  • Melbourne Short Film Festival

The film credits can be found at the IMDb page in more detail.