Hyperion 3015 - Steelburner

Hyperion 3015 | Fiber Laser Machine | Commercial

Steelburner is one of the leading tech companies in Greece with over 40 years of experience in electromechanical constructions and more than 20 years in the sheetmetal fabrication machinery industry. The history of the company goes back to 1970 when Leandros Apostolellis started a small company dealing with high level electromechanical constructions.

Hyperion is the flagship among the Steelburner CNC laser cutting machines. The impressive features of this machine are showcased in the video created by TERRA pro-actions. The music was composed synergistically with the video team to match the narrative. The tone is set by the industrial, high-tech nature of Hyperion and its operation.

Hyperion is proudly engineered , designed and manufactured in Greece and so was the music for this great video!

Apostolos Papapostolou:

  • Music
  • Sound Design
  • Mixing
  • Mastering