BotFactory - Space Exploration

BotFactory | Space Exploration | Corporate Video

BotFactory is a NYC-based company that changed the way electronics are being prototyped and manufactured. In only a few years they achieved to create a circuit board printer with the ability to create and automatically populate printed circuit board (PCB) prototypes within minutes, instead of weeks.
Their next mission is to empower space exploration with their next-generation tools, bringing additive manufacturing of electronics to microgravity environments; ultimately enabling long-distance space travel and other-planet colonization.

We worked closely with the creative team of BotFactory and videographer extraordinaire Sideris Nanoudis (of Homo Ludens Productions) to create their corporate video. The music presents a typical problem-solution format, with some extra bit of fun live drums and electric guitar. The addition of the elite voice-over artist Aris Gerontakis elevated the project even further.

Check out their line of products – they make excellent holiday gifts… for NASA scientists!