Mykonos, the soul of an island

Mykonos, the soul of an island | Documentary Theme Composition

This is Mykonos, the soul of an island. It is a film by Greek filmmaker and director Nico Mastorakis that explores the different scopes of this controversial island.

I was recruited to recompose Les pêcheurs de perles by Georges Bizet with a Greek flavor in the instrumentation and rhythm, to suite the nostalgic finale of the film.

The track is currently available on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

The film is available at Vimeo.


Recomposition, Orchestration, Recording, Baglamas: Apostolos Papapostolou

Cretan Lyra: Dimitris Menexopoulos

Mixing, Mastering: Giannis Chrysogonou @ Soundslike studio